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Get the Right Water Softening System for Your Home

Reduce the effect of hard water with a water softening system from Wiley Water Systems.

Reduce Hard Water Problems with Water Softener System

Is water in your home hard? Hard water can be hard on both you and your appliances. Take the edge off with a water softening systems from Wiley Water Systems. With water softening systems, you can extend the life of your appliances and it’ll be easier on your laundry too.


Whether you want to rent or rent-to-own a softening system or a reverse osmosis system, we’ve got you covered. Visit our office in Union City or speak to our team for more information. What’s more, we’re the exclusive local carrier of Hague Quality Water products.

Bring your water sample to our office and we provide a FREE hardness analysis to test for hardness content.



Call us at 765-964-3753.

  • Hardness

  • Iron and odor removal

  • Water purification systems

  • Dissolves solids and iron totally (not bacteria)

  • Easier on plumbing - no discoloration

Remove hard water from your pipes

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